Maintenance Service Contracts

First Time Customers Can Try Us Out Today And Receive A Great Maintenance Service!

Benefits of Evergreen Gas's Service Contracts

Priority Scheduling

A major benefit with our service contract is that you receive priority scheduling on all calls into Evergreen Gas. This mean's you get immediate service when you are in need.

Prolongs life of your equipment

Having a service contract and regular maintenance will save you in the long run by prolonging the life of your equipment.

20% off all repairs!

That's right! You receive an additional 20% savings on all repairs on top of our already great prices!

Protects Product Warranty’s

Many manufactures warranties require regular maintenance. This will help you maintain a good standing service record in the untimely failure of equipment.

Whats Included in our 34-Point Maintenance?

Clean Indoor Coil
Clean Primary Drain Line
Check Wire Connections
Check Amps Draw on All Motors
Check Refrigerant Pressures & Temps
Check Defrost Cycle
Measure Delta T temperature
Test Reversing Valve
Check Fusible Links
Check Thermostat Calibration
Remove Debris from Outdoor Unit
Replace Customer Provided Filter
Check Induced Draft Motor
Clean Flame Sensor
Check Starting Capacitor
Check Run Capacitor
Inspect Refrigerant Controls
Monitor & Adjust Gas Pressure
Adjust Air/Fuel Mixture
Test System Carbon Monoxide Leak
Check Belt
Check Drain Line for Proper Pitch
Inspect Flue Pipe
Visually Check for Refrigerant Leaks
Oil Motors
Test Sequencers
Inspect Electric Strip Heaters
Inspect Duct Connections
Check & Clean Contactor
Clean Heat Exchanger
Clean Burners
Clean Pilot Assembly
Check Pressure Switch
Check Automatic Ignition
*Note: We offer full inspections and maintenance of your products. Up to 34 points inspection based on the type of equipment and manufacturer requirements.

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